Wind Farm On New Mexico Boarder
IncSmart New Mexico (Small Business and Startups) - New Mexico is building a wind farm on it's boarder with Texas.  The $865 million Sagamore Wind Project is planned for rural eastern New Mexico is should be online by the end of 20202.  The plant will power 194,000 homes.  Sagamore will be the largest wind farm in New Mexico.  It will provide more that 520 megawatts of power.  Southwestern Public Service already operates the state 's largest plant called the Roosevelt Wind Project, a 250 megawatt location which went online in December 2015.

The agreement between the state and the utility company Xcel Energy and it's subsidiary Southwestern Public Service Company.  They are still awaiting regulatory approval to build two new wind farms, one on the New Mexico side of the boarder in Roosevelt County and the other in Hale County Texas.  Southwester Public Service has agreed to contribute  a $25,000 grant to Mesalands Community College in Tucumcari, home to a wind research and training campus.  The windfarm is projected to hire over 30  fulltime positions paying $52,000 a year.  
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