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Colorado Registered Agent Order Form
Colorado Registered Agent Order Form

Colorado Registered Agent Order Form

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Colorado Registered Agent Service $49 for Colorado Corporation and Colorado LLC Save Money with Price Match
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Colorado Registered Agent Service

After placing your order online, IncSmart will send you an "ORDER CONFIRMATION" email.  In that email, you will find a BLUE LINK that says "CLICK HERE"  Follow that link for the information on your new registered agent.  A pdf receipt will have the name and address of your new Registered Agent, and annual report dates that are important for your company.  #incsmart

It's that fast! No waiting!  

Tired of ever increasing Agent fees or lacking services?

It's time to change your Colorado Registered Agents! 

Think Smart.  Think IncSmart

What is a Colorado Registered Agent?  The state of Colorado requires Colorado LLCs and Colorado Corporations registered in the state to conduct business, have Colorado Registered Agent service. The Colorado Registered Agent you appoint for your company, will receive legal service and government notices on your behalf.  The Articles of Incorporation or Organization for both domestic and foreign entities, ask for the address of the registered office to receive service of process.  The Service of Process is a notice of a summons or a lawsuit. 

Owners of Corporations and LLCs can serve as their own Registered Agent.  There are some disadvantages of being your own Registered Agent however.  As the agent, you must be open five days a week during normal business hours Monday through Friday.  This may prevent you from traveling and missing important deliveries.  Your name and personal address also becomes public information.

The person creating a Corporation or LLC, must affirm that the person they designate as registered agent has consented to the appointment, and knows the responsibilities of a Registered (Resident or Statutory) Agent.  Using a commercial registered agent, can save the owner fees, and the disruption of Registered Agent service from disgruntled persons appointed as registered agents.  Some states charge hefty fees for changing the Registered Agent office as well.  Failure to retain a registered agent can result in civil sanctions such as fines or loss of Corporation/LLC.

Visit the Colorado Small Business and Startup Center

We are sure glad that you found us.  If you are considering a new business, start with the Small Business and Startup Center.  We invite you to explore not only the center, but the entire webpage by IncSmart.  Your next business venture should begin here.  We provide basic information on forming Corporations and LLCs, and this is the best place to start your research.  Incsmart offers an array of information resources and business services, all designed to make your business profitable and legal.   

Change your registered agent and start saving hundreds of dollars.  If your current Registered Agent is no longer in business or cannot provide you representation, such as timely reminder notices, you need to change.  If your current Registered Agent has become so expensive, that the fee is greater than the services provided, you need to change. IncSmart can help you. There are no gimmicks or hidden fees.

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