Delaware Expedite Service Filings
Delaware Expedite Service Filings
Delaware Division of Corporations

IncSmart Delaware (Small Business and Startups) - Please note that all orders are returned by routine U.S. Postal Service unless an account number is provided for return by Federal Express or UPS. This service does not include United States Postal Service Express Mail. Please be sure to include your Fed-X or UPS account number on your request at the time of submission.

Please note that these fees are in addition to the fees that apply to fulfilling the request.

  • One Hour Service – $1,000.00
    Completed within one hour of receipt. Filing must be received by 9:00pm EST or EDT.
  • Two Hour Service – $500.00
    Completed within two hours of receipt. Filing must be received by 7:00pm EST or EDT.
  • Same Day Service – ranges from $100.00 to $200 for filings.
    Must be received before 2:00pm EST or EDT. For additional information about specific fees, see Schedule of Fees.
  • Next Day Service – $50.00 to $100 for filings.
    Request will be completed the next business day of receipt, excluding weekends and holidays. Filing must be received by 7:00pm EST or EDT.

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For 10 years, Business Services has helped companies and people from all over the world form Delaware Corporations and Delaware Limited Liability Companies. When you call, email, text, message or live chat with our office, expect personal attention.  Small business is the heart of IncSmart.  #incsmart

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