North Dakota Marijuana Legislation
IncSmart North Dakota (Small Business and Startups) - North Dakota marijuana legislation is approved for election.  The new law would legalize growing, possessing and distribution and use of marijuana for people over the age of 21.  It will be placed on the November 6th General Election ballot.  The measure is a simple question.  Do you want to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, Yes or No.  Criminal records related to marijuana convictions will also be sealed for adjudicated defendants.   They can now apply for student loans and jobs.  

North Dakotans have already approved the North Dakota Passionate Care Act.  But the implementation of this new law has been bogged down by the government, leading to  delays involving the law.  For over 21 months, they are still haggling over details.  Marijuana has accounted for half of the drug rests in North Dakota last year.  The new polls show a close race trying to end the prohibition of marijuana.  The supporters for legalization of recreational marijuana failed in 2016, but a bill for medical marijuana did get passed, even though it has not been implemented.  Nine states have so far has legalized recreational marijuana.  
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