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IncSmart Texas (Small Business and Startups) - Houston based space startup company called Axiom Space.  Axiom Space is the only company in the world equipped to provide NASA-level astronaut training, and all operations required to keep astronauts and tourists safe and productive on orbit. An economic study done by Axiom Space, has yet named the new space city.  The space city mission will cost nearly $37 billion and will be accomplished by 2030.   NASA will install a new commercial module on the ISS to be used by private companies for a docking port as early as 2020.  These docking stations will be used by aerospace manufacturers and launch providers.

NASA is introducing the private modules on the ISS.  NASA believes the lifespan of the International Space Station is drawing nearer to its closing stages.  Private space companies have started submitting requests to provide a new and improved version of ISS by the end of 2020.  Training at Axiom Space starts in 2017. Missions will start in 2019.  The new space city will fly 240 miles above the surface of the earth.
By Sandy Roberts

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