Navy Yard Expansion in Maine
IncSmart Maine (Small Business and Startups) Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery Maine is booming.  In 2016, the shipyard made 650 new hires , and in 2017, there will be 470 more. Fort the local economy, this is big business.  It accounts for over $756 million in economic activity.  The economic impact is huge.  The upticks are real estate, retail and tourism.  The local economy support business services are real.

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard was officially created on June 17 1800, under President Thomas Jefferson.  Today, every town within a 50-mile radius, has benefitted from the success of the naval shipyard. There are 6,900 civilian jobs with a payroll of about $496.2 million.  This is an increase of more than $14 million from 2015.  In New Hampshire, there are 2,535 civilian workers with a payroll of $177 million. The Portsmouth maintaining, repairs and modernizes submarines.  With the Navy Trump expansion of its current fleet of 275 deployable ships to 355 over the next decade, the jobs are up for grabs Kittery. The economic impact is huge.
By Pat Turner

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