Nevada High Speed Line has New Owner
IncSmart Nevada (Small Business and Startups) - Nevada High Speed Line has New Owner.  Brightline buys XPressWest rail to finish high speed line from Las Vegas to California.  XPressWest was having trouble finding new funding after the Federal Government requires the line and the highspeed trains, be built in the United States.  China Railway International had to pull out of the deal.  The corridor from Victorville California to Las Vegas, has already been federally approved.  Start dates for service will be in 2020.  Brightline is also going to develop a station on 38 acres close to the Las Vegas Strip.  

Brightline is a Florida based rail company.  According to Brightline, the rail service will only be the second privately held inner city rail line in the United States.  The first phrase of construction will start next year.  The 185 mile rail will follow alongside Interstate 15 to Victorville.  The line hopes to eventually extend to Los Angeles.  The 270 mile route from downtown Los Angeles to downtown Las Vegas is one of the nations most heavily traveled roads.  The driving time takes approximately 4 hours.  Too long to drive and too short to fly. 
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