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Nevada Business Startups  ...Imagine The Possibilities

  • Nevada is the second most popular commercial filing jurisdiction in the U.S., due largely to favorable business laws and low-tax environment. 
  • Nevada is an "employment-at-will" state. Employers may terminate relationships at any time and without any reason.
  • Piercing the corporate veil in Nevada requires the presence of “fraud” or “manifest injustice.” This is the highest standard for personal indemnification available.
  • Charging order protection for stock of closely-held corporations protects stockholders of all Nevada corporations with between 2 and 75 shareholders. Nevada is the first – and only – state to offer this level of shareholder protection
  • Nevada’s charging order protection statute protects S corporations from losing their federal S election in the event of a judgment against a shareholder. This prevents potentially significant negative tax consequences
  • Reinstatement of entities has the legal impact as if the corporation had always been in good standing, thus preserving the corporate veil.
  • LLC charging order is the sole remedy of the creditor of a member, preventing foreclosure of the membership interest and protecting other members from adverse economic impacts.
  • Nevada comparison to Delaware and California from Lionel Sawyer & Collins and Parson Behle & Latimer Law Firms - Download PDF

Nevada Registered Agent

A Nevada Registered Agent, also called a statutory agent or resident agent, is a company or person, residing in  Nevada, that has a physical address in the state and is open during business hours, and accepts legal service and notices from the Secretary of State on behalf of a Corporation or LLC.

Nevada Top Services

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Nevada Business Requirements

Starting a business in Nevada is a great way to be your own boss and have more control over your career and financial stability, but it is not without risks. There are several legal requirements for businesses operating in Nevada that must be met and renewed annually. IncSmart has several checklists and guides on how to legally start and maintain a business in Nevada for new business owners and going concerns.

- Appoint Registered Agent
- Form Corporation or LLC
- Apply for a Federal Tax ID
- Fund your company with a business checking account
- Apply for a business license and pay the renewal fee each year
- File your Federal Tax Returns each year
- File your State Tax Returns each year
- Include an income or loss on your Personal Tax Returns each year
- Pay your annual fees to the Secretary of State each year
- Pay your annual fees to the Registered Agent each year
- Maintain your books with resolutions each year
- Have your Annual Company Meeting each year
- Update your bylaws and operating agreement each year
- Issue stocks and membership certificates each year

Nevada Fee Disclosure

Nevada SOS LLC Fees - $75
Nevada SOS Corporation Fees - $75
Nevada SOS Minimum Annual Report - $125
Nevada SOS Annual Business License - $200
IncSmart Document Filing Fees - $49
IncSmart Annual Report Filing Fees - $20
Discount Nevada LLC with Registered Agent - $173
Executive Nevada LLC with Registered Agent - $253
Discount Nevada INC with Registered Agent - $173
Executive Nevada INC with Registered Agent - $253
Registered Agent Service / 1 Year - $49
Discount Agent Service / 3 Year - $117

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