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IncSmart Texas (Small Business and Startups) - When starting a new business, there are many important decisions to make and rules and procedures to be addressed.   More often than not, a company will choose the state where they are located, to register as a Corporation or LLC.  But some decisions will be made on which state a company should move.  Below are the states with NO state taxes and the maintenance reports for each of those state.   The last factor for a company annual fees is the Registered Agent.  Annual fees can very year after year, but beware of registered agent companies that give you inexpensive first year fees, only to charge different fees for the following years.  Registered Agent change fees in some states are more expensive than the agent fees.  

Below is a list of Tax Free States.
Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, Wyoming.

Below is a list of Tax Free states with the annual report fees.  These fees will change, but this is what I know of today.

Alaska Report - $100
Florida Report - $150
Nevada Report - $325
New Hampshire Report - $100
South Dakota Report - $50
Tennessee Report - $20
Texas Report - $0
Washington - $71
Wyoming - $50

By David Oliver

For 10 years, Business Services has helped companies and people from all over the world form Texas Corporations and Texas Limited Liability Companies. When you call, email, text, message or live chat with our office, expect personal attention.  Small business is the heart of IncSmart.  #incsmart

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