Developing Michigan Real Estate
IncSmart Michigan (Small Business and Startups) - Better Buildings, better Blocks, is a low cost three month seminar costing $100.  The seminar was created to help local residents to invest in property and develop real estate. This project is one of 33 that helps local residents become a part of the new Detroit.  Make Detroit Great Again.   

The course was created by a University of Michigan business school lecturer named Peter Allen, who wanted to help people take advantage of the city’s rebirth.  This help incudes finding investments and writing business plans.  The plans will help them received commercial mortgages with banks and other real estate money lenders.  There’s plenty of property to buy.  The property including tens of thousands of vacant homes and commercial properties that can sometimes be purchased for as little as $1,000.

The Detroit mayor set out eight principles to guide Detroit's redevelopment. 
  1. Everyone is welcome in our city.
  2. Detroit won’t support development if it displaces current Detroit residents.
  3. The city will fight economic segregation by pushing jobs into all neighborhoods.
  4. Blight removal is critical.
  5. Detroit will create walkable neighborhoods.
  6. Those who stayed will have a voice.
  7. Jobs and opportunities are available first to Detroiters.
  8. The riverfront is for everyone.


By Pat Turner

Starting a Business in Michigan

For 10 years, Business Services has helped companies and people from all over the world form Michigan Corporations and Michigan Limited Liability Companies. When you call, email, text, message or live chat with our office, expect personal attention.  Small business is the heart of IncSmart. 

We are very excited about helping you form your new company.  Each state is so different when it comes to filing documents, you will know right away you are in the right place.

Think Smart.  Think IncSmart.

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