District of Columbia Health Care Plan
IncSmart District of Columbia (Small Business and Startups) - President Trump is delivering on his promises to repeal and replace the current Affordable Health Care Plan starting with the House of Representatives proposed plan on health care reforms.  Read the plan online.  House squabbles over details. 

The House Republicans are moving forward with a Three Step Process to deliver legislation on health care taxes and mandates.  The committees to implement the new health care plans are, Ways and Means ,  Energy,  and Commerce.  The Committees will move the new pieces of the legislation through regular order.   Called "Committee markups", is the step where Congress (House and Senate) can read the new policies, and offer amendments.  Next will be the vote on the final legislation. Then the final bill is sent to the Budget Committee and then for a House vote. 
By David Oliver

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Betsy in Texas

Date 3/25/2017

I just saw some fool named Louie Gohmert from Texas on TV. He is almost giddy about leaving Obama care intact. They promised to fix Obama care. They lied. Now they are walking away. The real kick in the ass is he has great health insurance that I am paying for. We need help and they are walking away. DRAIN THE SWAMP. GOHMERT IS THE SWAMP.


Date 3/25/2017 9:30:00 AM

Get rid of him. He is in your state. He is your dinosaur. He is part of the do nothing GOG congress.


Date 3/25/2017

Get rid of him. He is in your state. He is your dinosaur. He is part of the do nothing GOG congress.


Date 3/25/2017

We need health care reform now. What are they waiting for? They have the House, the Senate and the President. They can't ask for anything better than this. They just wont work for the people. It's the same o same o. If they can't fix healthcare, lets put people in that will.


Date 3/26/2017

The Freedom Caucus is BS. Who the hell do they think they are. Don't they have the best health insurance in the country, thanks to the people. Maybe we should force them to use Obama Care. I thought with Trump, things would change. It's the swamp. The same DO NOTHING GOP. They need to go and go soon. We can't put up with 8 years of the same thing. We gave them the House, the Senate, the courts, the states and now the president. If they would pull their heads out of their ass, they would know we are not going to forgive them for embarrassing the president.

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