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IncSmart Colorado (Small Business and Startups) - Boom Technology in Colorado is introducing commercial flights on the full-sized 55 seat aircraft with the goal to make supersonic affordable flights for everyone.  Flights should start by 2025. The cost will run same as flying business class in todays market. Boom's plane will reach the height of 60,000 feet, where passengers see the curvature of the earth.  The speed of the new plane will be 2.6 times faster than other commercial planes.  The reduced flight time from San Francisco to Tokyo will be 5 hours and from Los Angeles to Sydney, 6  hours.  

The initial test flights for Boom and its 1,451 mph aircraft will begin in 2018.  Boom had already received 76 orders for its passenger plane. Boom is also backed by Richard Branson of Virgin Air.   With the announced it had received $33 million in funding, it is ready to build its XB-1 jet prototype. Virgin has options to buy 10 of the supersonic jets.  Boom is looking for a site big enough to produce 100 planes a year.  The facilities must be between 250,000 and 750,000 square feet.  The company is currently in talks with 20 international carriers
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