Oklahoma Opioid Lawsuit
IncSmart Oklahoma (Small Business and Startups) - Oklahoma opioid lawsuit is the first state to be watched nationally for ongoing health crises.  The Attorney General filed suit in June of 2017 accusing Johnson and Johnson of intentionally creating the drug crisis.   The Attorney General said they aggressively marketed to doctors knowing there was an addiction problem.  If the case is settled out of court, it will set a precedence for the county at large in the state suites that are filed or are pending,  In a previous law suit against OxyContin, the state was awarded several hundred million dollars that the state will use for addiction research.  

This case Johnson and Johnson is a test for the rest of the country, and it is also expected to the be longest trial in Norman  and in the states history.  Oklahoma has already dropped all charges against the drug companies except the public nuisance claim.  Then public nuisance claim is kept because it effects the public at large.    Overdose deaths in Oklahoma peaked in 2012.  Overdose deaths continue to climb with the use of illegal opioids such as fentanyl.  Opioids have killed over 4500 people in 10 years.  
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