Destruction of Minnesota
IncSmart Minnesota (Small Business and Startups) - The destruction of Minnesota was caused by rioters that were given the green light by the mayor and the governor.  Hundreds of millions of dollars will be needed  just to reopen some of the areas that have been completely burned out.   This damage was caused after the protests for George Floyd.  The rioting and the looting was allowed to continue out of fear by top Minnesota political figures.  

Governor Tim Walz was asking for money from the Federal government to help rebuild the city of Minneapolis.  But the Federal Government has yet to send any relief money to the Twin Cities.  More than 1500 buildings were allowed to be torched and vandalized.  Walz was asking for more than $500 million dollars from FEMA. The Federal Aid has of course been denied, as Walz has considered any help from the Federal Government to be an occupying force

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