Colorado Stays Indoors
IncSmart Colorado (Small Business and Startups) - Colorado fitness business suffers from California fires.  Colorado air is considered unhealthy and hazardous to breath.  The Front Range, especially the cities of Denver, Fr. Collins and Greely are dangerous according to the National Weather Service and the Colorado Department of Public Health.  Residents along Interstate 25 should not leave their homes.  

The Colorado Fitness Coalition is already suffering from the closures due to the virus epidemic.  Now the fires are making everyone stay indoors.  From bike shops, camping venues, and gyms. To survive the California fires, Colorado residents are advised to stay indoors under these smoky conditions.  Keep your doors closed and make sure your refrigeration unit is set to recirculation.  And to make things worse. masks will not work, or save you from the smoke unless the mask is sealed around your face.  
By IncSmart Staff Writer.

Starting a Business in Colorado

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