Colorado Agritourism
IncSmart Colorado (Small Business and Startups) - Colorado Agritourism is now offered by Colorado State University as an online class.  The 12 credit certificate is currently a graduate studies program, and is the first of it's kind in the country.  The classed provide farmers and ranchers with the planning skills they need to add the tourism niche to there on business services.  Agritourism not only helps the farmers and ranchers, but it a boost for the local community as well.  

There are already over 1000 farms and ranches offering Agritourism services.  The average income from Agritourism is well over $30,000 a year.   This could be a huge benefit for struggling farms and ranches.  Agritourism can be seasonal as well as year round depending your venture.   The seasonal programs can run from hay rides, pumpkin patches and corn mazes to corporate gatherings with dude ranches and wine tastings to weddings.  
By IncSmart Staff Writer.

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