California Closing Walgreens Stores
California Closing Walgreens Stores

Shoplifting Legal in San Francisco  

IncSmart California  (Small Business and Startups) - San Francisco legalizes shoplifting.  State law holds that stealing merchandise under $900 is a misdemeanor, and local San Francisco police will not longer respond to calls from retailers about shoplifting.  Store employees no longer even try to stop shoplifters after a drug store employee from a rival retailer was murdered when they intervened.   

Proposition 47 -  Proposition 47 implemented three broad changes to felony sentencing laws. First, it reclassified certain theft and drug possession offenses from felonies to misdemeanors. Second, it authorizes defendants currently serving sentences for felony offenses that would have qualified as misdemeanors under the proposition to petition courts for resentencing under the new misdemeanor provisions. Third, it authorizes defendants who have completed their sentences for felony convictions that would have qualified as misdemeanors under the proposition to apply to reclassify those convictions to misdemeanors.

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Date 10/18/2021

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