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IncSmart Wisconsin (Small Business and Startups) - Wisconsin skin tissue business is planning expansions.  Stratatech is proposing an expansion worth $28 million dollars.  Stratatech is a Madison based company that grows skin tissue to treat burn victims.   It has built a new building on Science Drive in University Park.  This expansion triples it's current space from 13,000 square foot to 35,000 square feet.  The US Department of Health and Human Services has already provided Stratatech with $86 million dollars, and hopes to provide $160 million dollars in the future.  

Stratatech is awaiting approval from the Federal Government to sell it's product, StrataGraft.  Its current number of employees has reached 80 people up from 65 since last fall.  The employees will manufacture StrataGraft for it's on going clinical trials.  StrataGraft is in it's third phase of the four stages of clinical trials.   As soon as the US Food and Drug Administration approve the program, StartaGraft can be sold on a commercial basis.  StrataGraf is a regenerative skin tissue that can help damaged skin repair itself.  
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