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Starting a Business

Corporation and LLC Startups

BREAKING NEWS - Top stories.  It's your money

People who own and operate any business will benefit from the tax savings and asset protection of doing business as a Corporation or Limited Liability Company. has everything you need form a Corporation or LLC.   To create a Corporation in America, we will file Articles of Incorporation or Certificate of Incorporation. To create a Limited Liability Company in America, we will file the Articles of Organization or Certificate of Organization.   

If you own a business, and you are not incorporated, you are putting your friends and family at risk. For many people, this is not an acceptable alternative.  You should structure your affairs in order to protect your family from business liabilities and significantly lower your taxes at the same time. Protection with a profit.  There is no one solution for everybody.  Everyone has there own needs.

Many people seek out professional help and pay thousands of dollars for an attorney to administer a solution for them.  The mystery of it all and the fear of doing it wrong, leaves many business owners and investors never quite feeling in control of this new situation they created.  The attorney or administrator seems to be in charge of your company.  This is costly and frustrating, but very profitable to the people you hired.  But you really are in control.  Business owners receive many benefits from incorporating, and the two biggest reasons are for tax savings and liability protection.  IncSmart will be acting in good faith believing the information on your order form is true. 



 Limited Liability Company

Alabama LLC Order

Alaska LLC Order

Arizona LLC Order

Arkansas LLC Order

California LLC Order

Colorado LLC Order

Connecticut LLC Order

Delaware LLC Order

District of Columbia LLC

Florida LLC Order

Georgia LLC Order

Hawaii LLC Order

Idaho LLC Order

Illinois LLC Order

Indiana LLC Order

Iowa LLC Order

Kansas LLC Order

Kentucky LLC Order

Louisiana LLC Order

Maine LLC Order

Maryland LLC Order

Massachusetts LLC Order

Michigan LLC Order

Minnesota LLC Order

Mississippi LLC Order

Missouri LLC Order

Montana LLC Order

Nebraska LLC Order

Nevada LLC Order

New Hampshire LLC Order

New Jersey LLC Order

New Mexico LLC Order

New York LLC Order

North Carolina LLC Order

North Dakota LLC Order

Ohio LLC Order

Oklahoma LLC Order

Oregon LLC Order

Pennsylvania LLC Order

Rhode Island LLC Order

South Carolina LLC Order

South Dakota LLC Order

Tennessee LLC Order

Texas LLC Order

Utah LLC Order

Vermont LLC Order

Virginia LLC Order

Washington LLC Order

West Virginia LLC Order

Wisconsin LLC Order


Alabama Corporation Order

Alaska Corporation Order

Arizona Corporation Order

Arkansas Corporation Order

California Corporation Order

Colorado Corporation Order

Connecticut Corporation

Delaware Corporation Order

DC Corporation Order

Florida Corporation Order

Georgia Corporation Order

Hawaii Corporation Order

Idaho Corporation Order

Illinois Corporation Order

Indiana Corporation Order

Iowa Corporation Order

Kansas Corporation Order

Kentucky Corporation Order

Louisiana Corporation Order

Maine Corporation Order

Maryland Corporation Order

Massachusetts Corporation

Michigan Corporation Order

Minnesota Corporation Order

Mississippi Corporation Order

Missouri Corporation Order

Montana Corporation Order

Nebraska Corporation Order

Nevada Corporation Order

New Hampshire Corporation

New Jersey Corporation Order

New Mexico Corporation

New York Corporation Order

North Carolina Corporation

North Dakota Corporation

Ohio Corporation Order

Oklahoma Corporation Order

Oregon Corporation Order

Pennsylvania Corporation

Rhode Island Corporation

South Carolina Corporation

South Dakota Corporation

Tennessee Corporation Order

Texas Corporation Order

Utah Corporation Order

Vermont Corporation Order

Virginia Corporation Order

Washington Corporation

West Virginia Corporation

Wisconsin Corporation

Wyoming Corporation Order

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Start a Business in America

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IncSmart Package Includes
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Articles of Incorporation
Free Incorporator Signature
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Preliminary Name Check
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IncSmart Package Includes
State Filing Fees
Articles of Incorporation
Free Incorporator Signature
Document Filing Fees
Preliminary Name Check
1 Year Registered Agent Service
Receipt of Official Notices
Free Notice Forwarding
IncSmart Web Account Access

Phone and Mail Support
Professional Legal Binder
Corporation Bylaws
Corporation Ledger
Stock Certificates
Company Seal

Startup Checklist

1. Select a legal form of company.
Check with your CPA about tax ramification.  Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation or Limited Liability Company
2. Register your company
Registered with the corporation division in the state where you will be conducting business. 
3. - Meetings and Resolutions
Order a legal kit or prepare your own document storage.  Legal kits include seals.
4. - Shares of Stock
Collect payment from and issue shares of stock to each owner.
5. - Contact IRS
Oder tax ID and or Sub Chapter S schedule if prompted by CPA.
6. - Contact insurance agent.
Insure employees, buildings, and ask for Errors and Omissions if prompted by CPA. 
7. - Prepare plans
Prepare business and marketing plans, and set up your bookkeeping system.  Order all material such as stationary and business cards.

What will make your business successful

1. Love what you do.
The road to success is an exciting one, it's a lot easier if you're passionate about your business's purpose.  Stay positive and maintain your enthusiasm.
2. Build a support team that shares your vision.
It's important to surround your company with people who have the same optimism about your company and it's products.
3. Come up with innovative ideas to service customers.
Necessity is the mother of invention. Pay attention to customers and the needs they have and the reason they chose your company.
4. Create an enjoyable customer experience.
Everyone in your company needs to know their own role in retaining customers that delivers a successful customer experience.
5. Learn from your mistakes.
Mistakes are important for improvement. Learn from them and grow. 
6. Rely on experts.
You can't know and do everything. You must rely on others.
7. Never sacrifice quality.
The key to the success, is to establish a company mission and have everyone believe in it. 
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