Salmon Farm in Maine
IncSmart Maine (Small Business and Startups) -  Whole Oceans has announced its plans to purchase the former Verso paper mill site in Bucksport.  The site will be a new land-based aquafarm to raise Atlantic salmon.   The news comes follows the disclosure of Nordic Aquafarms, a Norwegian company, to invest $500 million in a land-based Atlantic salmon aquafarm in Belfast.  Belfast is 20 miles from Whole Ocean's planned Bucksport site. Whole Oceans will create hundreds of direct jobs and invest over $250 million in Bucksport.  

Whole Oceans  $250 million dollar investment plans include the creation of hundreds of direct jobs at full production at the aquafarm.   They will produce 50,000 metric tons of Atlantic salmon per year.   More than 95% percent of Atlantic salmon consumed in America is imported from foreign offshore cage farms. Whole Oceans has pre-sold 100% of production for 10 years.
By IncSmart Staff Writer

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