Research on Bdellovibrio in New Jersey
IncSmart New Jersey (Small Business and Startups) - Research on Bdellovibrio continues art Rutgers University in New Jersey.  Natural predatory bacteria to the rescue for  antibiotic resistant strains.  Lab studies have shown that Bdellovibrio can attack Tuberculosis, the plague, and many germs that have become resistant to antibiotics.  Bdellovibrio has also been shown to attack 145 out of the 168 human pathogens.  

The Defense Department is also studying Bdellovibrio as a way to combat germ warfare attacks in the Biological Technologies Office in Arlington Virginia.  The Defense Department wants to harness this bacteria as an ally.  The next step in the research is to clinically apply this bacteria to humans.  The BTO is helping the Defense Department counter forms of bioterrorism, and countermeasures to protect US fores.
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