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IncSmart California (Small Business and Startups) - California Professional Corporations are for business people who are prohibited from forming a limited liability company or a traditional corporation. Instead, people are required to incorporate as a professional corporation. Business that are required to be professional corporations include are regulated by the state and must have a state license. Realtors, dentists, certified public accountants, doctors, veterinarians, lawyers, optometrists, marriage and family therapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists.

Officers, directors and shareholders of a professional corporation must be licensed to conduct the professional activity. The corporate name of a professional corporation must contain the words, "Professional Corporation", or the abbreviations of "Prof. Corp., or "P.C." or "PC". The original director and stock holder must have a certificate to practice the state regulated profession.

How Tax Savings Works

Save on Social Security Taxes. 15% per year.
Pay yourself a reasonable salary, $12,000. Pay Social Security on this portion of the income.
Pay the rest out of your Professional Corporation in Dividends. No Social Security or Medicare taxes on dividends.
Must have a license to be the Professional Corporation such as a Realtor License.

  • The IRS will require the corporation to pay you a realistic salary for your work as an employee of the corporation. That pay should be reported on W2 and will be subject to the normal employer and employee FICA taxes.
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