Pennsylvania to Reopen First Bank
IncSmart Pennsylvania (Small Business and Startups) - Pennsylvania to Reopen First Bank.  The governor or Pennsylvania has just announced the refurbishing of the First Bank of the United States.  The building will become a museum. The First Bank of Philadelphia was founded by Alexander Hamilton, and charted on February 25, 1791.  Hamilton was Secretary of the Treasury, and created the bank to help the United States with it's huge debt after the Revolutionary War.  

An $8 million dollar grant is being used to restore the bank building.  The building is close to Independent Hall and the Liberty Bell.  The address is 116 South 3rd St.  The building is owned by the National Park Service.  The total cost for the plan will reach about $26 million dollars.  The rest of the funds will be from donations from private donors.  The grant was awarded to Independence Historical Trust, as part of the Redevelopment Assistance Capital program.  
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