North Carolina Sues Juul
IncSmart North Carolina (Small Business and Startups) - North Carolina sues Juul Lab Inc.  The Attorney General says e-cigarette maker targets teenagers.  The marketing has been claimed not only to be reckless but illegal.  North Carolina accuses Juul, the nations largest e-cigarette company with over 75% of the market, of causing addiction by downplaying the effects of nicotine on the body.  The Attorney General wants to prevent an entire generation of people from becoming addicted to nicotine.  

North Carolina want's to band marketing and advertisers and limit the number of flavors and ensure teenagers can not buy vaping products.  They want to limit the flavor to menthol, tobacco and mint.  There is a legal smoking age in the state.  Vaping has become an epidemic among minors.  The lawsuit claims that it is the flavors the attract children to the product.  
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