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Starting a Business in North Carolina

North Carolina Corporation - North Carolina LLC

For 10 years, Business Services has helped companies and people from all over the world form North Carolina Corporations and North Carolina Limited Liability Companies. When you call, email, instant message or live chat with our office, expect personal attention. We are very excited about helping you form your new company. Each state is so different when it comes to filing documents, you will know right away you are in the right place.

North Carolina Registered Agent

An North Carolina Registered Agent, also called a statutory agent or resident agent, is a company or person, residing in North Carolina, that has a physical address in the state and is open during business hours, and accepts legal service and notices from the Secretary of State on behalf of a Corporation or LLC.

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Starting a business in North Carolina is a great way to be your own boss and have more control over your career and financial stability, but it is not without risks. There are several legal requirements for businesses operating in North Carolina that must be met and renewed annually. IncSmart has several checklists and guides on how to legally start and maintain a business in North Carolina for new business owners and going concerns.



When starting a new business, there are many important decisions to make and rules and procedures to be addressed. First and foremost is how to register in North Carolina.

Step 1: Starting a Business: Business Planning and Development
Step 2: Operating a Business: Registration, Compliance and DBAs
Step 3: Growing a Business: Registering in other States and Trademarks

North Carolina Business Requirements

- Apply for a Federal Tax ID
- Fund your company with a business checking account
- Apply for a business license and pay the renewal fee each year
- File your Federal Tax Returns each year
- File your State Tax Returns each year
- Include an income or loss on your Personal Tax Returns each year
- Pay your annual fees to the Secretary of State each year
- Pay your annual fees to the Registered Agent each year
- Maintain your books with resolutions each year
- Have your Annual Company Meeting each year
- Update your bylaws and operating agreement each year
- Issue stocks and membership certificates each year

North Carolina Fee Disclosure

North Carolina SOSLLC Fees -$125
North Carolina SOSCorporation Fees -$125
North Carolina SOS LLC Annual Report - $210
North Carolina SOS Corporation Annual Report - $22
IncSmartDocument Filing Fees -$49
IncSmartAnnual Report Filing Fees -$20
Discount North Carolina LLC with Registered Agent -$223
Executive North Carolina LLC with Registered Agent -$303
Discount North Carolina INC with Registered Agent -$223
Executive North Carolina INC with Registered Agent -$303
Registered Agent Service / 1 Year - $49
Registered Agent Service / 2 Year - $88
Registered Agent Service / 3 Year - $117

Personal Legal Plans

Get peace of mind from top quality legal products and services for yourself and your family. With a LegalShield Legal Plan a qualified attorney will be there to assist you on an unlimited number of personal legal issues.

North Carolina Business Plans
By David Lanlias USA File

Along with your Bylaws and Operating Agreement, business owners must prepare a Business Plan that includes your marketing strategies. A banker or SBA will need a Business Plan before they can help you. A good business plans will help avoid the pitfalls that occur to small companies that do not plan their future.

The marketing plan should include traditional and e-marketing. The cost of implementing your business plan should not cost you an arm and a leg. It should be proportional to your business size, volume and growth potential. This may include print advertising, radio, television, cable television and mass mailings. Your marking plan should include the development of a website.

Company owners should be honest with themselves and create a mission for the company. A mission statement should be kept close and followed. This way you can create a solution before the problem becomes insurmountable. Surround yourself with trusted advisors such as bankers, CPAs and attorneys.

North Carolina Annual Fees and Taxes
By Jack Cohen USA File

After filing your entity with the Secretary of State, it is time to have your bookkeeping and tax planner in place. Income tax, payroll tax, state tax, sales tax and property tax. We are being taxed left and right and someone needs to care for your new company. Today, many businesses turn to CPAs for help. They will become a trusted advisor on major business and financial decisions. They can give advice on running and managing a business, and help manage your growth potential. Most lenders prefer financials prepared by CPAs

A CPA will show you the most effective accounting systems for your type of business. Advice on tax preparation, personal financial planning, and auditing services are important. They will also advise you on deductions and how to separate your personal and business expenses.The tax codes are complex and taxes for a business are more complicated than for an individual.

Good record keeping is an essential requirement for monitoring the financial health of your company. There is an efficient and practical way for you to keep your financial records in order. CPAs can provide services outside their home state The Uniform Accountancy Act provides


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