New York de Blasio Attacks National Chains
IncSmart New York (Small Business and Startups) - Mayor de Blasio is not helping the city of New York.  While many cities across America and Canada are presenting Amazon with the deals of a lifetime, de Blasio attacks national chains.  The mayor criticizes Amazon and Starbucks, calling them very destructive to local communities.  her also added that he has never purchased anything from Amazon and prefers shopping in stores.  

Amazon has also since announced a new fulfillment center on Staten Island and a new 360,000-square-foot office complex that will be part of the Manhattan West mega-development.  With high housing costs and a low possibility of tax subsidies,  New York will face incredible competitive bids to win over Amazon, but with the mayor attacking the very company he is wooing, the chances are slim to win the estimated 50,000 job investment.
By IncSmart Staff Writer

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