New Law on Missouri Minimum Wage
IncSmart Missouri (Small Business and Startups) - Missouri minimum wage bill was passed by the legislature and will go into law August 28.  The bills, House Bill 1194 and House Bill 1193, sets the state wide minimum wage at $7.70.  This new law will prevent Missouri cities from raising minimum wages above the state wage level.  The legislature says the minimum wage laws are hurting small businesses.  Missouri companies either have t? cut employee hours or let them go.

Fight for $15 is a union backed campaign for boosting wages around the country.  St. Louis passed a minimum wage hike to $10.00 an hour two years ago.  This prompted business groups to sue to stop it in court.  The Missouri Supreme Court ruled that the St. Louis law was in fact legal, but the new state law makes the St. Louis law mute.  Unions have supported minimum wage legislation because their contracts are directly and indirectly tied to the minimum wage. When unions support minimum wage increases, it eliminates non-unionized platforms by allowing union wages to be cheaper. By making non-unionized labor more expensive, unionized labor becomes the alternative.
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