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IncSmart New Jersey (Small Business and Startups) - Dun and Bradstreet has been in business since 1841. Their most popular product is a DUNS Number. The DUNS Numbers started in 1963 to support D&Bs credit reporting services instead of using a business tax id. Some companies are filing tax reports with Social Security Numbers as Sole Proprietors and the new DUNS Number was created. This number assigned to business entities. The number is 9 digits long and millions of business’ using the services. 

The DUNS Number enables customers, suppliers and lenders to easily identify and learn about a company. D&B says the DUNS Number is a universally recognized standard in business reporting and identification. Having a DUNS Number may also bring you a sign of credibility.

How can a DUNS Number help you?

  1. DUNS Number is required for any activity that involves the United States government, or any work with the United Nations.
  2. DUNS Number is required for a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan.
  3. DUNS Number will make it easier to apply for a loan or a lines of credit.

What is a D&B Report?

A D&B report may tell you who is involved in the company. The majority of what is available from a Dun & Bradstreet report is what the business owners or principals told D&B. Companies can purchase the reports for many reasons.

    1. Assess Risk
    2. Become a Potential Supplier/Vendor
    3. Become a Potential Customer
    4. Compare competition
    5. Check Credit on Your Customers

Sales calls from the D&B staff will happen with someone buys a report on you. The representatives have a great sense of urgency to correct any problems with your listing. The problems exist from the information on file being incomplete and or incorrect. This may or may not put your company at risk of being disqualified for bidding on projects and denied financing or insurance. The staff’s goal is to sell you a service so you can monitor and change the negative information. This angers allot of customers who believe this service from D&B should be free.

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By David Oliver

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