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IncSmart Alaska (Small Business and Startups) - The Pebble Limited Partnership and the Environmental Protection Agency announced they have reached an agreement for an out of court to settle a lawsuit.  The Pebble Limited Partnership plans to ask for permits for a smaller mine footprint, and has thirty months to apply for the new permits. Pebble say the new permits will incorporate environmental safeguards.  The Bristol Bay area in southwestern Alaska contains a outcrops of gold worth an estimated $120 billion.  as well as deposits of copper and molybdenum.  The Army Corps of Engineers is still issuing its final environmental impact statement. 

In 2012,  Alaska's mining industry provided more than 4,800 direct mining jobs in more than 120 communities, with about $275 million spent on exploration.  In 2016, the employees dropped to 4,350 jobs in less than 50 communities, and only $65 million in exploration spending.  The mining industry has been on a decline in Alaska. 

Opponents see the mining  project as a threat to it's sockeye salmon fishing industry.  But last year was a  painful season for the salmon fishing season.  The values of Alaska salmon permits are trending down, while prices continue to skyrocket.  The population of Bristol Bay is currently under 1500 people. 
By Sandy Roberts

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