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IncSmart Delaware (Small Business and Startups) - You've created your new company, so do you do next to run your business and succeed?  Being a small business owner comes with many challenges, from selling, finance and management.  Success depends on your ability to wear many hats while you grow your business with little or no staff. 

1.  Buy a THREE RING BINDER or order a LEGAL KIT for your documents
3.  In some states, an INITIAL LIST OF OFFICERS, or INITIAL REPORT will be do within a few weeks to the Secretary of State.  This fee is not included in the pricing.  Find prices on the FAQ page for your state.
4.  Have your INITIAL MEETING of Directors and Shareholders
5.  Apply for your TAX ID NUMBER (EIN).
6.  Open a CHECKING ACCOUNT for your new company.
7.  Open a MERCHANT ACCOUNT for your new company.  See our BUSINESS RESOURCES page.
8.  Fund your new company.  There are three ways to finance start-up costs: use your own money, obtain a loan, or find investors.
9.  Write your BUSINESS PLAN.  A good business plan should include a description of what you are selling,  who the prospective customers are, how you plan to promote, and how much money is need for start-up costs.  SOFTWARE and BOOKS
10.  Lease your space or create your home office.  Virtual Office Help
11.  OBTAIN LICENSES & PERMITS.  It's very important not to overlook any necessary license or permit. Some cities and counties require a general business license. If the product or service you sell is taxable, you need a state sales tax permit. 
12.  SET UP RECORD KEEPING.  Hire your accountant, bookkeeper, and tax consultant. See our BUSINESS RESOURCES page.  
13.  QUALIFYING to CONDUCT BUSINESS IN OTHER STATES.   If your company expects to transact business outside your state of formation, your company may be required to qualify. can file the necessary paperwork to qualify your business as a foreign corporation or LLC in any of the 51 jurisdictions.
By David Oliver

Starting a Business in Delaware - Delaware Corporation - Delaware LLC

For 10 years, Business Services has helped companies and people from all over the world form Delaware Corporations and Delaware Limited Liability Companies. When you call, email, text, message or live chat with our office, expect personal attention.  Small business is the heart of IncSmart.  #incsmart

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