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The Mall refers to services that are provided per store, per state.  The mall allows you to check each store or state and browse, question and review the digital content.  Each store has relevant information for each state that offers services for small business. 

Each store has terms and conditions from the Secretary of State or Corporation Division.  Products from each Corporation Division are not governed by IncSmart Terms of Service.  Updates from the Corporation Divisions are changed on the IncSmart site in a timely manner. 

If you rate or review a product from one of the stores, you may receive an email from IncSmart.   We do not share your email address with any Secretary of State or third party supplier. 

Digital downloads are for your personal use only, and agree not to redistribute or broadcast any download from any store.  Digital goods are owned by IncSmart or third parties.  IncSmart may from time to time remove any digital downloads without notice.