Mac Pro Built in Texas
IncSmart Texas (Small Business and Startups) - Mac Pro to be built in Texas after President Trump offers some tariff exemptions for key components.  The Mac Pro is Apples most powerful computer with the price starting at $6000.  Austin Chamber of Commerce says there are now 62,000 people working in manufacture in the Austin metro area.  Austin is becoming the new Silicon Valley, and Apple will employ over 15,000 people  

Governor Abbot calls Texas business friendly climate, the reason Apple loves Austin.  More proof of Apples commitment to manufacturing in America, such as Corning for the glass in Apples iPhone.  Apple will invest over $350 billion by 2023.  This is following the exodus of technology firms leaving China.  The previous administrations have left America without the capacity for manufacturing.  President Trump has been critical of Apple relying on Chinses factories.  

By IncSmart Staff Writer

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