Lowering Maine Minimum Wage
IncSmart Maine (Small Business and Startups) - Maine restaurant workers successfully lobby to lower the minimum wage.  After the Maine State Legislature voted to raise the minimum wage for restaurant servers, they voted to lower it back down. The new measure passed the Senate by a vote of 23 to 12 on June 7, and the House on June 13. The Governor signed the bill into law last week.  The new law will go into effect in January 2018.  Tipped minimum wage debates are growing Minnesota, Massachusetts, New York and Washington DC. 

The minimum wage for tipped workers in Maine is half that of the state’s regular minimum wage at $9.  It’s called the “tip credit” rule.  It allows employers to take a credit of up to 50 percent from their server wages, because they make that money back in tips. If tips and wages together don't equal the minimum wage, employers will be required to make up the difference.  After the November voter, it removed the tip credit rule. 
By IncSmart Staff Writer

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