Louisiana Business VS Asian Carp
IncSmart Louisiana (Small Business and Startups) -  Louisiana business growing more concerned with Asian Carp.  The Louisiana Association of Business and Industry are concerned with the plans of from the US Army Corps of Engineers to save the Great Lakes from the invasive species.  The Great Lakes are concerned with the Asian Carp harming local fishing industry.  The plans are to keep the carp from Lake Michigan by damming the part of the natural chain of water from the Mississippi.  This is suppose to block the upstream migration.  

The Mississippi River watershed is infested with the Asian Carp.  The Asian Carp was originally intended to use in fish farms back in the 1970s.  The carps were used to keep Catfish pond clean, but overpopulation led to the expansion of the species.  The Asian Carp has no natural predator to keep it's numbers safe.  The carp can be found in open waters of 23 states.  The carp can eat up to 20% of its body weigh in plankton every day, which is ruining the marine ecosystem.   Similar to the introduction of the Tallow Tree in the south.  
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