Leaving California for Texas
IncSmart Texas (Small Business and Startups) - The number of businesses leaving the state of California and moving to Texas is at an all time high.  This level of moving has not been seen in nearly a decade.  Texas has been a much more hospitable than California.  The California exodus is a huge win for Texas.  Texas has experienced unprecedented population growth in the early 21st century, adding more than six million residents.

Most companies are leaving California for the employment opportunities, tax breaks, and less crowded living conditions.  California also has a very high price for it's housing and for commercial real estate.  Along with the high cost of real estate, business suffer from expensive electricity, union membership with its high labor costs.  There are no state taxes in Texas.  Tax friendly and anti regulation states are causing California companies to move.  It is a win-win for most corporations.  When bypassing the crushing business regulations, it also affords employees a new start.  New jobs and better lives for their families. 
By David Oliver

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