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LLC Forms & Fees

LLC Forms Samples and Fees

LLC order forms and  information you need for creating a Limited Liability Company in the US. The best prices for online LLCs.  Fill in the secure order form to create your  LLC online.  This form is not intended to provide legal, business or tax advice.  They are offered as a public service without representation or warranty.  This form will satisfy the minimum legal requirements of the state, and may be amended from time to time.  The person placing the order may not knowingly make false or fictitious statements or representations.  Anyone violating this condition, is guilty of a felony.  Processing will begin immediately upon receipt of your LLC order.  Filing times vary from state to state.  You will receive an order confirmation the moment you place your Limited Liability order with  IncSmart will cause your articles to be delivered to the Corporation Division of your chosen state.  We are acting in good faith believing the information on your articles are true. 

If you want to form a Limited Liability Company (LLC), in the US, is your number one source for America. We offer the most popular selection of American entity online order forms.

Forming an LLC

While each state has slight variations to laws on forming an LLC, they all support the same general rules:

Choosing a Name. There are rules to follow when choosing your LLC
1 -  It must be different from an existing LLC in your state
2 -  It must include a designated ending LLC or Limited Liability Company
3 -  It must not use restricted words such as bank or insurance.

Filing Articles of Organization. The articles are state documents registered by the Corporation Division in your state.  They include the business name and the appointed Registered Agent. Most state filing fees are different.  You certify that you are eighteen (18) years old or older, that all information provided to IncSmart is accurate and true, and that IncSmart, may rely on this information to perform its filing services.

Creating the Operating Agreement.  An operating agreement is the LLC Bible.  It includes financial and management information, and describes the regulations for running the business.

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LLC Order Forms and Fees

Form Limited Liability Company

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State Filing Fees
Articles of Incorporation
IncSmart Filing Fee
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State Filing Fees
Articles of Incorporation
IncSmart Filing Fee
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Receipt of Official Notices
IncSmart Web Account Access
Professional Legal Binder
Corporation Bylaws
Corporation Ledger
Stock Certificates
Company Seal

Choosing US State to Form Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Organizing your business in the state where your company is physically located is  a Domestic LLC.  The company is required to pay all maintenance fees in the state that it is registered.  Fees will include annual Registered Agent fees and Annual Registration fess.   When a LLC is registered in one state, and wants to do business in another state, you will also have to registered in the new state as well.  You can create a new Domestic LLC or Qualify your current Domestic LLC as a Foreign LLC in the new state.  The company will be required to file annual fees in both states.

How to move your LLC to another state. 

1 - Keep your old LLC and open a new LLC in another state.  The will require  ou to maintain annual fees in both states.
2 - Dissolve old LLC and create a new LLC in another state.  You will need to cancel Registered Agent service, Tax ID number and insurance polices you have for the old LLC. 

3 - Merge old LLC into the New LLC in the new state.  File Articles of Merger with the old state after creating your new LLC.  The old LLC will no longer exist and all assets and liabilities get transferred to the new state. 

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