Kentucky Hemp Farming
IncSmart Kentucky (Small Business and Startups) - Kentucky wants to bring back hemp farming.  However hemp is still listed as a controlled substance next to it's relative, marijuana.  Kentucky senator Mitch McConnell, trying remove the plant from the list and to allow farms to produce it commercially.  34 states have all ready authorized hemp research, while actual production is in 19 states.  Current or ex tobacco farmer could easily make the conversion to hemp production.

Kentucky legislation is being looked at right now to legitimize the hemp crop.  Kentucky has been the front runner it's comeback.  KY agriculture officials have approved more than 12,000 acres to be grown, this year.  Hemp will bypass production of tobacco.  There are also 57 processors turning the raw product into a number of household goods.  The goods are rope, clothing, mulch, milk, cooking oil, soap, lotion, building material, animal bedding, biofuels, fiber and dietary supplements.  
By IncSmart Staff Writer

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