Iowa Gets Ethanol Directive
IncSmart Iowa (Small Business and Startups) - Iowa gets ethanol directive from President Trump.  Trumps deregulation plans also calls for agriculture, when he wants to see year round sales of gasoline that includes ethanol, which was a campaign promise.  The new directive will allow ethanol increase of up to 15%. The gas is called E15 had been banned from the summer months, from June through September,  because of concerns about smog.  He will direct the Environmental Protection Agency to write a rule that will allow ethanol year round.  The new rule will be fast tracked for next summers driving season.  

Domestic demand for corn based fuel is good for Iowa farmers.  The loosened ethanol rules is something the ethanol industry has long sought.  Iowa is also having another record corn crop which would normally drive down prices.  This however will translate to long term market gains.  Most gasoline already contains 10% ethanol which is permitted year round , but only 1% of filling stations sale E15.  Gasoline retailers have been complaining about having to change out pump and tags twice a year to accommodate the old rule.  Ethanol provides oxygen which helps gas burn cleaner.  Ethanol plants will use 5.65 billion bushels of corn.  This is 38% of the total crop.   
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