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Hiring Employees

Resolution to Hiring Employees

Corporation Name: _____

WHEREAS, the Corporation/LLC is in need of an employee for _____

WHEREAS, _____ has applied for said position with the Corporation/LLC, and appears well qualified to service in that position at a salary not to exceed $ _____ per year, together with the customary benefits the Corporation/LLC provides. 

RESOLVED, that the Corporation/LLC offer _____ a contract of employment to service in the position of _____.

RESOLVED, further, that the Director/Manager of the Corporation/LLC, authorized human resources to follow the guidelines for employment.

The persons, whose signatures appear below, one of whom is a Director/Manager of the Company, have been duly authorized to hire said person for this position.

Dated _____

­Designation: Director _____


­Designation: Manager_____

Signature _____

Signature _____