Hawaii to Construct Telescope
IncSmart Hawaii (Small Business and Startups) - Hawaii to construct telescope on the Mauna Volcano, Hawaii's tallest mountain.  The telescope is 30 meters (98 feet in diameter), the worlds largest.  The 1.4 billion dollar project will be completed by 2029.  The summit is above the clouds and has a clear view of the sky with little air and light pollution.  The telescope company is made up of universities in California and Canada, with partners in China, India and Japan, making this an international effort.  Mount Mauna Kea is considered the worlds tallest mountain.  The project will be next to the worlds current largest telescope.  The observatory area has 13 working telescopes operated by 11 different countries.  

Hawaii's Board of Land and Natural Resources granted construction for the telescope in 2017.  This will keep Hawaii in the forefront of astronomy with new groundbreaking discoveries.  The telescope will bring educational and economic opportunities to the state.  Ground breaking began  in 2014.  After a 4  year delay with court battles, the Hawaii Supreme Court upheld the permit for the science project.  
By IncSmart Staff Writer

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