Group Health Plans in Nevada
IncSmart Nevada (Small Business and Startups) - The Minimum and Maximum Numbers of Employees Allowed by State Law to Participate in a Group Health Insurance Plan.
Group health insurance plans are insurance plans purchased by the company you work for. Members of the plan are employees of the company. The Master Policy exists for a group of people. Many plans have additional options of providing coverage for employee family members. The company plan is able to provide coverage for a broader range of services for a lower cost for each single member. Premium payments for group health insurance can be a payroll deduction, or the payment is covered by the employer as benefit.

Anyone who applies for coverage is required by law to accepted. Most group health plans include regular appointments with doctors and immediate care for emergencies. Mental health problems and prescription drug expenses may also be covered by the plan, depending on the policy. Extended care in hospitals rehabilitation centers are usually also covered. most states provide a requirement that a company owner enroll a minimum number for coverage in order to be able to purchase and maintain a group health insurance plan. Ten or more members are usually the minimum that a plan can cover. Some states allow less, but there is no maximum number of employees that may participate in a group health plan.
By David Oliver


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