Great Migration to Florida
IncSmart Florida (Small Business and Startups) - As tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans escape the devastation of Hurricane Maria, the great migration to Florida is putting a strain on government services.  The migration so large it rivals Hurricane Katrina from New Orleans to Houston.  It is even breaking records for the Mariel boatlift from Cuba to Miami in 1980.  Puerto Rico's population is down by 14 per cent.  

The situation in Florida is so extremely urgent, locals are talking about buying an abandoned motel to house the arrivals.   There is a growing concern about a scarcity of affordable housing.  This leads to a growing strain on school districts to handle the new Spanish speaking students.  Half of the new arrivals are landing in Orlando.  The cost of food is high and the food stamps are slow in coming for the new Floridians .  Food pantries are trying to pick up the people falling through the cracks.  Finding jobs is also a priority. The unemployment rate in Florida  is 3.2 percent, and is likely to double.
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