Gas Prices in Oklahoma
IncSmart Oklahoma (Small Business and Startups) - Car owners in Oklahoma are enjoying the nation's lowest gas prices average statewide.  The price for a gallon of gasoline was $2.05 Monday, but the lowest price at the pump is under two dollars at Oklahoma City and Tulsa outlets.  U.S. production is expected to reach 10 million barrels a day in 2018, almost close to or breaking records set in 1970 record. U.S. demand for gasoline consumption is down 1 percent from last year. 

Oil prices are lower due to a buildup of crude oil in conjunction with an increase of gasoline production.  The increase in gasoline stocks and a drop in gasoline demand are fueling the long awaited relief for consumers.  Crude oil prices fell to their lowest as markets give up on OPEC's efforts to control the amount of oil  on the market.  Oil is now below $45 a barrel after the U.S. Energy Department reported another increase in petroleum stockpiles.
By David Oliver

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