From California to Space on Virgin Galactic
IncSmart California  (Small Business and Startups) - From California to space, Virgin Galactic moves to the space travel business with VSS Unity.  Virgin took it's recent test flight from the Mojave Desert in California, and reached the outer limit of the Earths atmosphere.  It reached the altitude of 51 miles before gliding back to Earth.  Commercial airlines fly 6 miles about the earth and the International Space Station flies 250 miles above the earth.   

Virgin Galactic's dream of space travel just passed a major hurdle.  The commercial space company will soon start taking paying passengers on it's 6 seat jet, making space travel available to the public.  A rocket must first take the jet to 43,000 feet before letting fly away.  More than 600 people are in line to pay the $250,000 fee for the ride.   The ride includes several minutes of witlessness, and a view of the earth.  The jet landed back on the runway at Mojave Air and Space Port.  
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