Florida Senator Attacks Corporations
IncSmart Florida (Small Business and Startups) - Florida Senator attacks corporations while the Trump Economy is soaring.  Rubio wants in increase capital gains tax for corporations on stock buybacks when they want to invest the money in themselves.  On the face, it appears to punish business for being successful and takes away the incentive of making decisions on how they want to run the company without government interference.  A buyback will increase the prices of the shares of stocks, helping day traders and investors prepare for their retirement.  

What is a stock buyback.  A Stock Buyback is when a corporation buys it's own stock as a way of returning money to shareholders as apposed to issuing dividends to the owners of the corporation.  Socialists want the money however to be invested in social programs.  The programs may include an increase in union wages or an investment in capital expenditures such as land or buildings.  The result is the same for any program however, and that is adding more regulations for company owners and taking away a business right to make decisions on where to spend profits.  
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Date 3/2/2019

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