Florida Medicare Fraud Raids
IncSmart Florida (Small Business and Startups) - Billions of dollars have been lost over the last decade to Medicare fraud.  South Florida leads the pack for criminals. 400 suspects have recently charged nationwide with falsely billing $1.3 billion to the taxpayer funded Medicare program.   20 % of these arrests were from Florida.  South Florida is far ahead of other regions where Medicare fraud is wide spread, such as Detroit, Los Angeles and New York.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions described the roles of 115 medical professionals charged in the healthcare fraud offenders.  The largest in the nation's history.  More than 1000 local and federal officials were involved in the raids. 

A sad truth.  Trusted medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists have chosen to violate their oaths.  They have put personal greed ahead of their patients. Some of these doctors have made their practices into multimillion dollar criminal businesses.  Broward and Palm Beach counties appear to be the hubs for drug and alcohol addicts seeking assistance to become sober.  This has resulted in many illegal activities for treatment facilities.  Treatment for substance abuse is Palm Beach County’s largest industry  Their revenues in exceed $1 billion a year.  In 2016 over 600 people died from opioid overdoes and hospitals had over 5000 overdose emergencies. 
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