Florida AFB Receives Pledge from Trump
IncSmart Florida (Small Business and Startups) - Florida AFB receives pledge from President Trump.  Tyndall Air Force Base will be rebuilt after Hurricane Michael devastated the Florida panhandle.  Hurricane Michael was a Category 5 hurricane, and will get increased funding for rebuilding.  Tyndall is 30% of the panhandle economy.  The Air Force has already spent $450 million dollars at Tyndall.  Over 700 buildings were destroyed.  Tyndall Air Force base is situated on a barrier island.

Instead of closing Tyndall AFB, Trump is moving three F35 Fighter Squadrons to the base, and the MQ9 Reaper, which is the remote controlled unmanned drone.  A disaster recovery bill for Tyndall is sitting in Congress.  The bill includes $857 million dollars for the base, but is being held up.  The $857 million dollars is a fraction of what is needed.  Panama City alone lost 90% of its structures and housing, where the AFB staff lives.  
By IncSmart Staff Writers

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