FDA Apporves California Cannabis
IncSmart California  (Small Business and Startups) - The Food and Drug Administration just approved a new drug called Epidiolex - a cannabis based medicines.  Epidiolex is manufactured by GW Pharmaceuticals, a British company with it's US headquartered in California.  Epidiolex will be used for two rare forms of Epilepsy.  Epiciolex is an oral medication.  GW Pharmaceuticals have not yet announced a price.       

Carlsbad California .  The chemical compound found in marijuana called cannabidiol.  The current supply of medical marijuana was from the University of Mississippi.  However, GW Pharmaceuticals grows it's own plants today.  The Justice Department will also need to change its cannabis policy, and turn marijuana from a Schedule 1 to a Schedule 4 drug, now that the first ever prescription drug from marijuana will hit the markets.  
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