Costco Opens Plant in Nebraska
IncSmart Nebraska (Small Business and Startups) - Costco opens new plant in Freemont Nebraska, located near the Iowa border.   91 million rotisserie chickens were sold last year at Costco, and the new poultry plant will help them stay in charge of there own chicken products by controlling each stage of production from farm to store.    This $450 million dollars plant will accomplish that.  The choice of Nebraska for the plant was economics.  Nebraska has an abundance for grain water and water.  With unemployment at it's lowest with the Trump administration, Costco's only worry is labor.  The 400,000 square foot plant will hire over 1000 employees.  

While Costco keeps the price of it's rotisserie chicken low, the goal is to increase the sales of other products by using it's chicken as a lure for potential new customers.  National sales for chicken has increased year after year, and Costco is facing challenges from it's competitors.  Only 15% of chicken sold today are sold as whole birds.  The number has decreased over the last 40 years where the high was 50%.  
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