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Cancel Registered Agent Serivce
Cancel Registered Agent Serivce

Cancel Registered Agent

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Cancel Registered Agent
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Cancel Registered Agent
End of Service Agreement

* This is binding on the company and that if someone has access to this account, whomever agrees to cancel, has the proper authority to do so

* This is a civil agreement and waives any and all right or claims of statutory damages or tort claims

* You release any and all liability or duty IncSmart or it's Registered Agents had or continues to  have to notify you or your company about lawsuits or any mail we might continue to receive, even if our office address is still listed on any part of the corporate filing.

*  If we are listed as the Registered Agent or our address is being listed, we have the right to contact the Secretary of State, which will put your company in default, and that your company may loose it's license to operate in the state.  You may also lose your Good Standing or approval to perform work from various agencies.  

* You agree not to file a "Change of Address" request with the United States Postal Serivce.  This is a specific address request from the USPS provides that will ultimately not work because our address is not your address, and could cause problems.  The address we provide for our customers is OUR ADDRESS.

* We will no longer forward service of process, legal notices, law suits, or any mail or notices that we continue to receive.

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